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Smart business owners choose us, normally for one of two reasons.

1 – They are frustrated and tired of paying out THOUSANDS of pounds each month in commissions to the marketplace giants.

2 – They understand the value in direct bookings, having a direct relationship with their Customer and controlling their business costs.


Business isn’t easy and the Restaurants who engage with the Customer, provide a great service and tasty food wins. Order Sumo will power your business with easy to use but super powerful technology which means you can keep your costs down as you expand and grow your takeaway and delivery orders.


We are very proud that each and every single one of our Clients saves money by taking direct bookings from their Customer base. Rather than sending them away to book elsewhere and paying a huge commission, our Clients see the value in going direct.


We are a fixed fee provider which means you NEVER pay us a commission. Grow your business with confidence, scale up and expand knowing that we have got your back and you won’t be funding our next holiday. If you are currently using a 3rd party giant you will know just how painful the high commission charges can be. We promise to keep your commission at 0% forever.

If Order Sumo was a mobile phone contract we would be an unlimited call, unlimited texts and unlimited data show-stopping game changer.

#2 TECH.

We are a team of developers and are constantly upgrading and developing our software. All upgrades are rolled our free of charge. Order Sumo boasts advanced technology which is significantly more advanced than any of our competitors.

If Order Sumo was a car, we would be a high-quality German sports saloon. Let us say an M5. Order Sumo would be a BMW M5. Reliable, powerful and stylish enough to excite the Wife.

  • The most feature rich in the game.

  • Fully Native App.

  • Beautiful responsive website.


We design and build the food ordering systems with your branding, design and colours in mind. Allow your customers to book directly with you without the fear of losing them to a local competitor on a marketplace website.

It’s all about you. Our egos are small and ambitions global.

  • Your branding.

  • Your contact details.

  • Your style.

#4 DATA.

Unlike the big boys, we present to you all the customer and marketing data. We let you know who your best customers are, your most popular products, give you full coupon reporting and much more. Oh, you can also export your data at any time.

We empower you to understand buying behaviour and give you the tools to turn this data into cash.

  • You own the Customer data.

  • Instant access to booking metrics.

  • Export the data at any time.



This is where we really shine. Order Sumo boasts a feature-rich push notification platform which allows you to communicate instantly with your customers. Send them time-limited offers, new menu information and special promotions straight to their mobile.
We give you the power to market directly to your customers. Instantly and at no cost.

We give you the power to market directly to your customers. Instantly and at no cost.

  • Send targeted push notifications.

  • Schedule your marketing messages.

  • Automated deals based on booking behaviour.


Our order handling app is a fully featured and easy to use interface which allows the Restaurant to control and view all orders. We can also offer Epos system integration for an additional fee.

Easier to use and “better” than the big boy’s toys. This was always our intention.

  • Super slick harware.

  • Integrated thermal printer.

  • Virtual on-screen terminal as an option.


Order Sumo hosts regular training webinars and provides a comprehensive video library within our Customer App to help you get the most out of your technology.

Designed for non-techy Managers to use, you will be up and running in no time.

  • 1-2-1 Getting started training session.

  • Access our video training academy.

  • Regular video guides on new features.

#8 iBeacons.

Wouldn’t it be great to know when your customer is about to walk through the door? We think so which is why we will notify you when Mr Smith is approaching your business.

Spooky, we know however if you use your savvy, iBeacons are quite amazing.

  • Approach alerts as your Customers get close.

  • In-store promotions delivered in style.

  • Send automated thank you messages upon leaving.



We understand the power in loyalty. Order Sumo has an inbuilt loyalty mechanic which rewards your Customers based on their purchase history. This is fully configurable to suit your needs and is a great way to increase engagement.

We auto present the loyalty point option whenever you Customer qualify. Makes perfect sense to us.

  • Reward your best Customers.

  • Control your Loyalty program.

  • Deliver complimentary points at will.


We give you access to your own dashboard which controls your Menu items and pricing. Change or add an item within seconds and watch your App and website update instantly. No more waiting around for call centres to make the changes.

Imagine the happiness you will feel when you can INSTANTLY make all your changes on the spot without the trouble of a faceless call centre. Boom.

  • Add new menu items straight from your dashboard.

  • Your changes are updated instantly.